Are you confused about hormones? Believe me, you are not alone. Many doctors disagree on Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), on when and how women should be treated for menopause, on hormonal symptoms, and much more. What is the truth? And how are women supposed to be able to determine what they should do with so much conflicting information out there?

Disinformation about hormones is a huge problem. By making a clarification, though, I think it will be much easier to understand. Synthetic hormones are typically derived from animal hormones and are not easily assimilated by the body. They have been linked with dangerous side effects, such as cancer and heart problems. On the other hand, bioidentical hormones are derived from plant extracts and are as close as you can get to the natural hormones that your body normally produces. They are easily absorbed by the body and have no known side effects.

Another reason for the confusion is that most doctors have been taught the conventional method to deal with hormones. As a matter of fact, many doctors do not even believe that hormones are an issue–until a woman reaches menopause. Menopause is reached when a woman’s periods permanently stop. As a result, many hormonal symptoms are overlooked, ignored or attributed to something else. In the end, women are often given a prescription for anti-depressants or some other medication. What it boils down to is that before women reach menopause, they are more than likely on their own. Many doctors do not seem to understand that women often have hormonal imbalances long before the onset of menopause.

Furthermore, when a woman has “officially” entered menopause, doctors tend to give her the standard prescription of synthetic hormones. Unfortunately, one size fits all. The sad part is that most of the time no attempt is made to determine the woman’s level of hormones or to assess her symptoms. As a result, she leaves the doctor’s office with a certain amount of hopelessness, believing that extreme fatigue, aches, pains, and loss of sex drive are just a part of life that she must accept. It is just the way it is, even at 30 years old or younger.

Well, I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way. I believe many women are in the prime of their lives, should feel better than they ever have, and that their bodies have a very powerful healing power, if properly balanced with bioidentical hormones.

I would like to encourage you to educate yourself about bioidentical hormones. Recommended resources are listed below (please visit my website at www. excelapothecary.com for more information and resources):

  1. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by John D. Lee (www.johnleemd.com)
  2. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-menopause by John D. Lee
  3. The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection–The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men by Suzanne Somers
  4. Hormones, Health, and Happiness by Dr. Steven F. Hotze, Kelly Griffin
  5. Hormones Balance Can Save Your Life by John R. Lee, M.D. David Zava, Ph.D.
  6. Once A Month by Katrina Dalton, M.D.
  7. What’s Your Menopause Type? by Joseph Collins, N.D.
  8. From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well, by C.W. Randolph, Jr. MD
  9. You’ve Hit Menopause: Now What? 3 Simple Steps to Hormone Balance by George Gilson, M.D. Ph.D
  10. Are Your Hormones Making You Sick? A Woman’s Guide to Better Health Through Hormonal Balance by Eldred B. Taylor, MD., Ob/Gyn
  11. The Estrogen Alternative, a Guide To Natural Hormone Balance by Raquel Martin and Judi Gerstung, D.C.
  12. The Thyroid Solution by Ridha Arem, M.D.
  13. Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson N.D., DC. Ph.D.

It is time for women to take charge of their health, demanding a natural, safe approach to hormonal balance. Even though many women are, there are still too many women who are not getting the help they need.

Next time you visit your gynecologist or family practitioner, talk to them about bio-identical hormones.

  • Share your research with them.
  • Have a good attitude, but be confident and direct.
  • Let them know that you want to treat your body with natural, safe hormones rather than synthetic. You can even refer them to me if you would like. I would be happy to talk to him or her.
  • If your doctor refuses to listen, then it is time to find another doctor who will. It is not his or her life, but yours. Those who refuse to at least consider an alternative to the conventional approach that has been fraught with dangerous side effects is not worth the time.

Understand though, that women have a fight ahead of them. Many doctors, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, still embrace the conventional hormonal philosophy. With time, however, I believe we will win the fight as more and more women experience the freedom and good health that comes with a body working harmoniously with bioidentical hormones.

Call me I can help

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