By Frank J Nuber

Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.

– Confucius

Balance in our everyday life can be difficult. Too much work or too much play, too much frowning and not enough laughter create imbalances. The same can hold true for your hormonal system as well.

Are Your Hormones in Balance

I would like to introduce to you a new way of thinking about hormonal balance. Conventional medicine, pharmaceutical companies, and patients like to categorize solutions in absolute terms. Society likes to classify things as good or bad, healthy or dangerous. Fad diets like to claim that proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, etc., are either good or bad for you. Actually, you need all of these foods in the proper proportion to maintain weight and health. The same is true about hormonal balance. Estrogen is neither bad nor good. The same is true of progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid hormone, and cortisol. These hormones must be maintained in the proper concentration and ratio to one another. When one is either excessive or deficient, the normal ratio is disturbed and the optimal function of the hormone is altered. This disturbance in the hormonal balance can affect many body systems.

Estrogen and progesterone work best together in their proper ratio. One cannot optimally function without the influence of the other and this is called balance.

How Do I know if I am Out of Balance?

You have a gift of being connected to your body and an inner wisdom that tells you something isn’t quite right. That gift normally functions to help you realize when things are not balanced unless that gift is dulled or diminished by perhaps an antidepressant or other such chemical. Medical science has long ago discounted a women’s gift of wisdom and it frequently is ignored. It is all of your hormones working together that determines balance, and hopefully you will realize or at least challenge you to question the assumption that all women are essentially estrogen-deficient instead of unbalanced.

Symptoms of Imbalance

· Hot Flashes and night sweats

· Irritable, mood swings

· Anxiety, or depression

· Low Energy, insomnia, poor concentration and forgetfulness

· Low Sex Drive, weight gain, tearful

· Breast tenderness and vaginal dryness

What Causes the Imbalance?

If balance is required for the ultimate biological response of hormones, did God create women to be out of balance, or are elements in the environment disturbing this hormonal balance? Statistics indicate that women residing in the United States have far more problems than women in other countries, who do not share our diet and lifestyles, do not experience the same health problems. Asian women with traditional Asian diets have minimal menopausal symptoms and breast cancer risk. Conditions such as PMS and fibroids are infrequent in Asia. Hysterectomies are rarely performed. As countries in Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Japan, adapt a more American diet and lifestyle, their health statistics are beginning to resemble ours. Diet, lifestyle, exposure to external estrogens, delayed childbirth and stress all play a major role in creating hormonal imbalances.

Poor Diet

The traditional American diet consists high fat, high carbohydrate and low fiber foods. Our foods are processed and contain minimal nutritional value. Standard American diet is meats and sweets; pies and fries; cakes and shakes; chips and dips. We should be eating primitive, eat color, eat alkaline and eat organic when possible. Primitive is roots and fruits, seeds and weeds, greens and beans.


A natural by-product of our busy lifestyle produces stress. Trips to the store, full time job, transporting children to activities with little time left over for self and a restful sleep can overstress the body and cause hormonal imbalances.

External Estrogen

External estrogen exposure is a very important source of estrogen excess. All of our meat animals are fed estrogens to them to make them weigh more and it is stored in the animal fat. When we consume the animal fat, we are exposed to active estrogen. Milk and dairy products do likewise. Pesticides used on crops are another source along with car exhaust, industrial petroleum products and certain plastics. We are surrounded in a sea of excess estrogen.

Another Way

If you’re an American woman over forty you’d have to be on Mars not to have heard at least something about “The Great Hormone Debate.” “To take or not to take hormone replacement therapy- this is the dilemma now faced by millions of women at menopause. The last five years the subject of hormone imbalances has been in the news more and more.

If you are a woman who has begun to have hot flashes and experience the other bodily changes that signal the onset of hormonal imbalance and are asking yourself “Oh God, it’s happening to me, what do I do now? Do I just suffer through it? The night sweats, the mood swings, the hot flashes, the dry and thinning skin. How long will I have these symptoms? Do I take a chance with these synthetic hormone drugs and live with the constant fear of getting cancer?

There is another way. Approximately 5 million US women are presently using with great success, balancing their hormones using Bio-Identical plant-derived hormone products, are custom made for you the individual women.

This is where I come in. My name is Frank Nuber and I am a compounding pharmacist. I test your levels to assess the imbalance. I don’t believe in dispensing hormones without knowing the levels. Would you get thyroid from your doctor without a valid test, or insulin shots, cholesterol, or blood pressure medications without valid tests to determine if these problems exist and how serious they are. Why not test your hormones? After testing, there is an evaluation of your imbalance and I recommend to your doctor a prescription that is compounded specifically for you.

You don’t have to live with that imbalance I know because I have helped over 2000 women achieve hormonal balance with bio-identical hormones and I can help you too.

Women all over this country are beginning to stand up and learn about their health and taking control of it. Educate and empower yourself to take control. A happier, more balanced woman you will become.

Call me, I can help.

Pharmacist Frank

frank@excelapothecary.com    http://www.excelapothecary.com    (800)899-6561  (636)704-5189


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